Top Tips For Buying Bikes or Scooters

1) Use our live chat to if you have any questions, Then, Check delivery dates for shipping

No one wants to miss out on getting their presents because it's beyond a guaranteed delivery date, Below and on our delivery page you will see updated delivery times so you can order up the the last minute (dates are always subject to change).

2) Book your bikes in to be built with a local shop right away!

Shops get booked up very fast during this period of the year, don't get caught trying to rush a bicycle together yourself without the right tools! We suggest typing in "Bicycle shops near me" into google for a range of local shops to check out. Having a qualified/compitent cycle mechanic build you bike can save you a world stress and helps retain your cycles warranty too!

3) Inspect your bikes immediately after delivery

We've seen it before, items get delivered and unchecked until the big day (birthday, christmas etc) and bam, theres transport damage on the bike or customers have ordered the wrong colour! Inspect the items as they arrive, check them and ensure everything is as it should be, don't sign or accept parcels that are clearly damaged! Give yourself the best chance of a perfect day. 

4) Book in for checkup after the first month of use!

Our Bikes are awesome, we've been trading for over 30 years, but you still need to maintain bicycles. The first month is the most crucial to ensure nothing is being ridden loose since parts will have worn/bedded in and thus, a check up after the first month is highly reccomended.


Kid at Christmas With New Tribal BMX Bike Smiling