In this video we show you how to build a BMX bike from boxed.  Bicycle assembly is made easy and only requires a few tools as shown in the video to get you riding in no time.

Please be advised, Tribal Bikes would like to always recommend a qualified Cycle mechanic checks over any freshly built bike to ensure safety and warranty validation.


Adjusting A BMX Bike:
After building a bike from the box, It is likely that you will want to make a few adjustments for optimum fit and comfort when riding. In this easy to follow video we show you how to adjust the essential bike parts so that your bike will feel personally  tailored to you!


As good as our bikes are, nothing lasts forever without a little Tender Loving Care, So in this bicycle maintenance video we will show you when to, and how to, maintain your BMX bike to keep it running smooth for years to come.

Fitting Stunt Pegs

It seems easy enough, but getting things in the wrong order is the most common issue we see over the past 20 years, so we're here to help and take you through how to fit BMX Stunt Pegs in a few easy steps!