1. Before you Claim
Tribal must insist that:

  •  Upon taking delivery of your newly purchased items that you check packaging and report any damage to Tribal by email or reject delivery all-together if there is too much damage.
  • Contents are checked immediately (If left too long then we will not be able to make a claim with the courier and subsequently may not be able to offer any discretional refunds or replacements)

  • Please inspect, build and check functionality of items within 5 working days to help prevent issues or rejection of claims.

2. How to claim 

All warranty claims must in the first instance be approached via the contact us form or by direct email. We will require:
- The order number
- Date of purchase
- Brief explanation of what has gone wrong. 
- A photo of both sides of the whole bike (two photos total, please ensure they are clear)
- Photos of the suspected warranty part(s)/ Issue(s)

We take this part of our service very seriously and undertake to resolve any issue in a speedy manner. We understand this can be a stressful situation and we need to simply follow a procedure to the letter to be as swift as possible in helping out our customers.
Tribal Bikes warranty claim on mobile phone example image

Complete Bikes
Tribal offers a 12 month manufacturing warranty covering unexpected failure/defect of all parts/components that may not be attributed to fair wear and tear, or crash damage outside that is considered normal use. This does not include bearings which are subject to a 90 day warranty. The claimant must be the original owner/purchaser and provide the original order number. The parts/components must be original specification and free from any modification.
As your cycle will have been provided using a courier it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the cycle is built correctly. Whilst this means you can assemble by yourself we would strongly advise employing a qualified bicycle mechanic (cytech or equivalent) to ensure the full warranty is in tact. Please be aware, as with any new bicycle, spokes, chains, brakes, tyre pressure all need constant attention to ensure they remain tight and safe to use. Failure to do this will likely invalidate any warranty claim.

For a full breakdown of which items are not covered under warranty please email to receive a copy.
If a warranty claim is accepted Tribal reserve the right to offer an alternative replacement part of equal or greater value (colour and style may vary).

When claiming we want to make the process as easy and fast as possible. It is Essential for the customer to provide a clear photo two of the part + one photo each of the left side of the whole bicycle and of the right side via email. Blurry photos will slow the process, please ensure they are in focus and clear.

Courier/Postage Refunds
In the event that an item is found to be under warranty, Tribal will refund up to £20 for complete bikes & Parts, however, this will be paid back as the same amount shown on the customer shipping receipt (up to £20). This will need to be posted to Tribal or emailed clearly.

When you have checked all of this off, please email : Scott@tribalcompany.co.uk